Who Is Jenna?

Hi, it's a great pleasure and honor to be of service.

This is my story...

12 years ago I found myself on my own healing journey.

After working as a social worker for 8 years, I could no longer go to work.  

I was facing a major healing crisis which modern western medicine couldn't help with.

A genuinely scary time, for me.

After deep exploration, both in terms of finding people who could help me as well as searching within myself as to what would heal me, I learned so much and healed deeply into a state of freedom and returning to desire to be of service to others.  

I knew I needed to change my career path and make other lifestyle changes.  

I went back to school for energy medicine and studied with Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine and hypnotherapy at the nationally accredited school for Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI) with an emphasis in Medical Hypnosis. 

Through this powerful healing and educational journey, I've discovered that I'm a 3rd generation healer which has been a great confirmation for this path and calling I am living.  

I am now grateful and honored to have been able to share and facilitate healing and transformation for others over the last 12 years as well as developing my own healing modality, The Grayson Method™️ which combines effective tools of hypnotherapy, energy healing, Vipassana and Mindfulness Meditation.  


Jenna Grayson, CHt, HTP

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Healing Touch Practitioner
Addiction Recovery Coach
B.A. Psychology and Sociology

Founder of Inner Remedies

Jenna helped me get back in touch with the inner voice that had been blocked because of so many external changes and challenges. Initially I went to her because of her experience with Healing Touch, which I had done before and liked. However, I found her gentle, kind and playful use of hypnotherapy and guided visualization to be even more enjoyable and helpful. She has a wonderful spirit and I am so grateful that she was there for me when I needed it.


- Steve R., Educator 

   Horshoe Bend, ID





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